Soothing Sounds for Baby

from left to right; Tony, Matt and Al

Friends since elementary school and together from 1985 to 1998, Soothing Sounds for Baby grew up listening to the Beatles but then got into experimental punk ala Talking Heads, Devo, early XTC and eventually the Minutemen (best band eva!) Captain Beefheart joined the equation somewhere along the way and we mustn't forget the musical innovator Raymond Scott who was the inspiration for their name. The Sounds were also big fans of hip-hop visionaries like Public Enemy and De La Soul and fellow art punk bands like Beekeeper and Agitpop.

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and find even more documenation of their crazy antics from back in the day over at the Prufetz YouTube page.
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2 tracks from a cassette tape released in Boston in the late 80's
Jay-Walkers Paradise
Train Wreck Delivery 2000

A couple random earlyish ones
News Flash
Dust Fall In
Lip Sanc

A few tracks recorded at Bard College in the early 90's
Scrog Rock
Oh the Guilt
Tangled Impulse
A to Z
Inside Your Joke
Canobie Lake
Non Christian Universe
Link the Term

Their cover of Pure Imagination (1993, Vinyl 45)

7 tracks from their CD Thunk
which came out just before they broke up in 1998
Will Power
Desert Island
New Year's Restoration
Yard Sail
Side Walk Train

SSFB Line up was
Matt Kaden: guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Allan Heifetz: guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Antony Flackett: guitar, bass, drums, vocals

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