The Petri Mix
Tracks from The Petri Disc Vol.1
mixed by DJ Flack (aka Antony Flackett)

This is part 10 of an 11 part mix commemorating the end of the Blogariddims mix series which is coming to a close after 50 amazing musical journeys through all types of music.
please check out the parts before and after mine -
part 9 and part 11 - or go back to the start

you can also check out my early full mix "Beyond the Valley of the Smurfs" which was part 15 of the series.

Peace to Droid and all the Blogariddimatists - great work ya'll!



The Petri Mix by DJ Flack 6:19 minutes
320 quality mp3 /14.5mb or full quality Aiff / 63.8mb
Track list (in order of appearance)

Sunshine February - Dan Kenney

Paid in Full - Brendan Smith

On the Landing - Elizabeth Grant

Dubsoundz Seleckshun - Justin Crosby ( DJ Hallifax)

Box of Candy - Elliott Vecchia

SamonaHyde - Dave DiAngeli

Hustlin Dub - Mike Frazier ( DJ Fraze One)

Fraze One Bounce - Mike Frazier ( DJ Fraze One)

all tracks are from The Petri Disc Vol.1
by Beat Research Lab

Notes on the Petri Mix:

I teach a class at Massachusetts College of Art and Design called Beat Research every semester. In the intro class I go over the history of hip-hop as well as the history of sampling and electronic music but for the most part it is a hands on studio class on making beats. I teach the programs Live and Reason (what I use to make most of my own tracks) and there are lots of specific assignments such as remixing the same track, making a track out of found sounds etc. This past semester, however, I taught an advanced class for those who have already taken Beat Research 1 and are looking for a place to indulge their passion for making electronic music in whatever mode they choose - all they had to do was present work every week. As usual I was blown away by their talent and I would often spin their tracks at my club night (also called Beat Research) right after they presented them in class. Soon we decided that producing an album was a perfect group project. The result is The Petri-Disc Vol.1 a collection of music that includes; experimental southern bounce, bent furby jungle, doom-hop, psychedelic disco, electro lunar sound-scapes and lots of other dubbed-out styles beyond description. We made sure to chose the order carefully so it would flow like an "album" as opposed to just being a "collection of tracks" and you can get the whole thing (including cover art) HERE for free!!!

When it came time to make my short mix for Blogariddims I decided to only use tracks from this album - representing for dope music that few people would have heard before. I knew that two of the tracks I wanted to include were around 138bpm so that was the tempo I used. I had to see what tracks would harmonize with each other when pitched up or down to that tempo and this is basically what dictated my song choices and the general flow of the mix. I used Abelton live to put it together but, as with the Smurf Mix, I turned off warping so that I could reproduce it "live" using turntables and Serato (a few moments would need a third turntable but you get the idea.) The track list is below but please download the whole album to hear these songs in their original form and to check out all the other amazing aural concoctions from these inspired beat scientists.