Antony Flackett



Time-based Media Artist, 1986-Present

Working in single channel video, video installation, performance art and interactive multimedia.


Sound Artist/Musician, 1984-present

Performing as DJ Flack or Antony Flackett

Electronic Musician


Film/Radio/Media Score Composer

Multimedia Performer

Spoken Word Artist

Member of DuoTone (electronic multimedia/turntables) 1997-2003

Hip-Hop MC – BeatBoxy and Flack, 2000-2008

Musician – member of pop-punk band Soothing Sounds for Baby, 1985-1998

(alternating guitar, bass and drums)





Fall 2005 – Spring 2006 Associate Professor, Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

One year full-time faculty appointment. Taught courses for both the SIM and Foundations departments, including: Projects in Interrelated Media, Beat Research 1 & 2, Visual Language 2, Performance in Video Space and SIM Major Studio.


Spring 1995 – Present  Adjunct Faculty, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

Taught a variety of courses under the division of Media and Performing Arts (MPA), covering issues of music production and techniques, sound production, non-linear video editing, interactive design, web publishing, analog video, installation and performance.

Fall 2004 - Present, Beat Research: Music, Art & Culture in the Age of Electronic Music
Fall 2011, Studio for Interrelated Media Major Studio

Spring 2005/2008, Beat Research 2:  Advanced Techniques in Electronic Music

Fall 2001/Fall 2002, Performance in Video Space (co-taught with Dawn Kramer)

Summer 2001, Creative Vacations (video production)
Fall. 2000 & 2001, Intro to Multimedia

 Fall 1996, Film/Video/QuickTime 

 Spring 1995/Summer 1996, 2-D Computer Animation and Video

 Summer 1994, August Studios (video production)


2000-Present Advisor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA

Instructed and advised students doing independent studies in electronic music and video


1992-1994  Instructor, Chestnut Hill Creative Arts, Newton, MA

Taught video production and performance to students ages ten to fourteen.



1995–Present     Academic Media Arts Support Manager,

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

Help build and maintain the Video/Computer Arts labs and provide the students and faculty with technical and creative assistance. Master and support current software in the areas of; video editing, sound design, sound editing, interactive multimedia, web publishing, graphic design, 2-D animation and DVD authoring. Oversee and train student lab monitors.




•2004- present 
Co-Producer, Beat Research music event, various locations in the Boston area (ie Enormous Room Cambridge and Goodlife Boston)

showcase of "Experimental Party Music" that has different musical guest from all parts of the world representing a broad spectrum of music styles and approaches, including the end of the semester showcase from the Beat Research class at MassArt, info at

•1993 - Present Producer, Cambridge Community Television, Cambridge, MA

Organized and produced public access television show "Tony's Choice", featuring independently produced films and videos airing weekly.

•2006 (February)  Co-Curater, "Expanded Cinema in the Digital Age" College Art Association Conference, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

•2001-2004 (Weekly) Co-Producer, Spectrum music event, Phoenix Landing, Cambridge

•1998-2003 Member, VideoSpace, Boston, MA

Co-curating and organizing video shows of international video art at Mobius Art Space and in conjunction with the Boston CyberArts festivals. Personal highlight includes giving renown animator Ben Jones his first solo show.

•1995-2001 Founding Member, Toneburst Collective, Boston MA Co-organized the Boston-based electronic music and media collective, which would hold shows in alternative venues in Massachusetts.



•June 2017, Video Diorama (Narcissus) "HABITAT/ION: 4TH Biennial juried Alumni Exhibition," Bakalar and Paine Galleries, MassArt, Boston MA
•November 2016, (Twin Rock) "CRIBS," Union Gallery, UMASS, Amherst MA 
•May, 2016, live video scratching performance with Pacey Foster, “Psychedelic Cinema,” Bartos Theatre, MIT Cambridge, MA
•April, 2016, 5 dioramas (Where's your heart @, Garden Attire, Nude Descending an Escalator, Mortality Shmortality, Peeping Kong) at Harvard’s ArtTechPsych2 conference, Arts @ 29 Garden St. Cambridge MA
•October 2015, Solo show of diorama works (Where's your heart @, Garden Attire, Nude Descending an escalator, Mortality Shmortality, PeepingKong)
at THE QUARRY Contemporary Arts International gallery, Acton, MA)

•September 2014, Video Diorama (Garden Attire) "Collisions21:More Human" Cyberarts Gallery, Boston MA

•August 2014, Video Dioramas (Peeping Kong & Mortality Shmortality) "Magic Without Tricks" Nave gallery Annex, Somerville MA

•February 8, 2014, "Fly" interactive video installation for closing of "GREEN DREAM" Kijidome Gallery Boston MA

•February,  2014, Video Diorama (Nude Descending an Escalator) "Collision20" Cyberarts Gallery, Boston MA

•December 2013, "Graticule" Video collaboration with Judy Dunaway. Ohrenhch Sound Gallery, Berlin, Germany

•October 2013, Video Dioramas (Peeping Kong, Mortality Shmortality) "Exhibit 002 - Light and Sound: Elemental Affair"  Glitch Gallery, Charlestown, MA

•June 2013, Video Diorama (Peeping Kong) "Collision19" Cyberarts Gallery, Boston MA

•March 2012, Video Diorama (Mortality Shmortality) "Collision17" Axiom Gallery, Boston MA

•October 2011,"Balagan Revival Film Series," Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA

•Summer 2011, Video Diorama (Mortality Shmortality, 2011) "Be Well, Do Good Work and Keep in Touch" Show, Trustees Gallery, MassArt, Boston, MA

•August 29, 2011,"Short & Sweet," Lydell's, Cambridge, MA

•April 2008, Video Diorama (Mortality Box, 2008) "Art Chicago," Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

•May 17 - June 29, 2008, Video Diorama (Mortality Box, 2008) "Unintended Consequence 1," Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, MA

•Jan 4 – Feb 5, 2008, Video Dioramas (Morality Box and Mortality Box, 2008) "Inside The Box," Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, MA

•March 2007, "Escupido de la Panza de la Bestia," traveling art show in South America Valparaiso, Chile, Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina

•December 21, 2006, "Common Language: Videos from the USA," Galleria 10+36, Medellin, Columbia

•August 7, 2005, "Sound:Bites / Video:Series," Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn, NY

•April 23, 2005, "Convergence Underground," Independent Film Festival of Boston /Cyberarts Festival, Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA

•June 20, 2004, "Audiophilia," Z Film festival, Chicago, Il

•Oct 9, 2003, "Body on Screen," Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

•May 9, 2003, "25 hrs," International Video Art Show, Barcelona, Spain

•January 10 - 17, 2003, "Dance on Camera Festival," Walter Reade Theatre, New York, NY

•December 18, 2002, "Video Balagan Anniversary Show," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•August 23-24, 2002, "Flarb 2," Art Basel, Aqua Hotel, Miami, FL

•April 27, 2002, "Filmmakers' Open Studio," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•April 4, 2002, "Vlada Petric: Curator as Video Maker," Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA

•April 2, 2002, "Altered States," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•March 29, 2002, "The Americans II," Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, FL

•March 28, 2002, "Video Music," Video Balagan, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•February 22, 2002, "The Whitney Housten Biennial," Boston Underground Film Festival, Oni Gallery, Boston, MA

•February 2, 2002, "The Americans I," Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, FL

•December 11, 2001, "VideoSpace Members Showcase," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•August 3 to Oct 24, 2001,"Short Attention Span Film and Video festival, 2001" travelling exhibition - 23 showings in cities across the U.S. and Canada

•June 28, 2001, ".ORG: Videos from Italy and the U.S.," Universita delle Belle Arte, Bergamo, Italy

•March 28, 2001, "Microcinema," Primal Digital, Brooklyn, NY

•April 30, 2001, ".ORG: Videos from Italy and the U.S.," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline

•September - November 2000, "Best of the Short Attention Span Video Festival"  travelling exhibition - 22 showings in cities across the U.S.

•April - June 2000, "Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival, 2000" travelling exhibition - 17 showings across the US and Canada

•December 1999, "Chroma: International Exhibition of Video Art," Guadalajara, Mexico

•June 1999, "Videos by Antony Flackett," (solo show) The Artist Foundation, South Boston, MA 

•November 1998 – February 1999, "Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival, 1998" traveling exhibition -  showing in cities across the U.S.

•November 27-29, 1998, POLYGLOTOLALIA Fylkingen, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, SWEDEN

•October 13, 1998 - January 17, 1999, "Two Inventions and a Law: The Explosion of Access: The History of Video Art in Boston, Part II" DeCordova •Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA

•October 14, 1998, The Videos of Antony Flackett, (solo retrospective) Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

•October 2-10, 1998, "L'Immagine leggera," —Palermo international Video Art Festival (video alla carte), Palermo, Italy

•July 1998, VideoSpace at C.A.C. Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA

•July 25, 1998, Video Diorama (Mortality Box, 1995) "Child-Style," Toneburst multi-media collective, Children's Museum, Boston, MA

•July 18, 1998, Festival of Shorts, Austin,TX

•1997, New Television "Jump Cutting" broadcast on PBS Network

•September 4, 1997, "Bumbershoot Arts Festival," Seattle, WA

•June 12, 1997, "Loco-Motives: Video Art's Mad Scientists," Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA

•April 26 1997, "16th Annual Video Shorts Competition," 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA

•November 26, 1996, "Irony rules! Incongruity in Video," Mobius, Boston, MA

•1996, Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival, ["awarded Best of Festival")

•September 1, 1996, "Fargfabriken e Love Al Festival," Stockholm, Sweden

•July 19, 1996, "Sound Bites: Videos by Antony Flackett," (solo exhibition) Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA

•April 1996, "Plump Vision," Eventworks, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•January/March 1996, "Eye Fry Television," Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•May 1995, Video Diorama (Mortality Box, 1995) MFA Thesis Show, Bakalar Gallery Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA

•May 1994, Video Diorama (The Tragedy Box, 1994) First Year MFA Student Show, Bakalar Gallery Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA


PERFORMANCES – Electronic Music/Spoken Word (selects)

•March 2004-Present, Resident DJ/co-curator for "Beat Research," Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA / Good Life, Boston
•October 2010 – Main performer at the opening party for the Peabody Essex Museum's Contemporary Art Initiative.

•May 2009 – Live Audio/Visual performance with Guiboard at Dead/Live Video Fest for Boston Cyberarts Festival.  MassArt Posen Center. Boston, MA

•Winter 2008, Live set at "Bouncement Chicago" with DJ C and Chrissy Murderbot. Live set on WNUR 89.3 Chicago for "Part Time Sucker Radio Show"

•Summer 2007, DJ Flack Australia Tour Summer:

--July 12th Wamp Wamp, Club 77, Sydney

--July 13th (day) Live set on FBI Radio, Sydney

--July 13th (night) VOID, Phoenix Bar, Sydney

--July20th, Uber, Brisbane

--July 23rd Live set on 2ser Radio

•May 3, 2005, "Phenomena," Godine Family Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

•October 16, 2004, (((re:sound))) Renegade Sound System Event, Somerville, MA

•October 1, 2004, "The Listening Party," Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, MA (lecture and performance)

•July 16, 2004, Art Beat Open Air Festival, Somerville, MA

•July 13, 2004, Fort Point Arts Community Gallery , Boston, MA (DuoTone)

•January 28, 2004, "Earthly Delights," Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, (DuoTone)

•June 2001-January 2004, Resident DJ "Spectrum," Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA

•Nov 1, 2003, Lotus Blossom Party, Oni Gallery, Boston, MA

•Oct 18, 2003, multimedia show at VOID, Soho, New York

•August 20, 2003, "Concerts in the Courtyard" series, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA (DuoTone)

•May 7, 2003, "Cyber Lounge," Green Street Gallery, Boston, MA

•May 4, 2003, "Visual Improvisation Symposium," Cyberarts Festival, Cambridge, MA

•April 25, 2003, Cyber Arts Festival Opening Night, MIT Hotel, Cambridge, MA

•April 21, 2003, Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

•December 14, 2002, "Past Forward," Oni Gallery, Boston (live soundtrack to silent films with Jake Trussell)

•November 19-26, 2002, DuoTone Tour, Prague, Czech Republic

•August 23-24, 2002, "Flarb 2," Aqua Hotel, Miami, FL (live Flash electronic music performance)

•April 13, 2002, "NEMO conference showcase," Big Easy, Boston, MA,  (live Flash electronic music performance)

•March 28, 2002, "Video Music," Video Balagan, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA  (live Flash electronic music performance)

•March 23, 2002, "BeatBoxy and Flack" at TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA

•Aug 25, 2001, "Beat Boxy and Flack," Knitting Factory, New York, NY

•May 4, 2001, "Schema," Oni Gallery, Boston, MA (Interactive installation and Flash performance)
•Feb 10, 2001, "Dirt," Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

•September 22, 2000, "<<rewind<<," Toneburst Collective, Mass Art, Boston, MA (installation)

•July 6, 2000, "Create-Transmit," Middle East, Cambridge, MA
May 5, 2000, "Cinco De Mayo Music and Arts Festival," Voix gallery, Lowell, MA

•April 20,2000, "DuoTone Live Film sound tracks," Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

•Oct 30, 1999, "Cyber Mass Eve" Voix Gallery, Lowell, MA

•Aug 28, 1999, "Tones Bursting" Voix Gallery, Lowell, MA

•Aug 5, 1999, "Beets," ArtSpace, Gloucester, MA (installation)

•July 24, 1999, "DuoTone: Antics," Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA (live silent film soundtracks)

•June 1999, Video Diorama (Morality Box, 1995) Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

•April 18, 1999, "Transformations," Toneburst collective, Boston U., Boston, MA

•May 14, 1999, "Access," Toneburst multi-media collective, Museum of Science, Cambridge, MA

•Nov 21, 1998, "Toneburst Squared," The Space, Worcester, MA

•July 25, 1998, "Child-Style," Toneburst multi-media collective, Children's Museum, Boston, MA

•July 3, 1998, "EarMarks," Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MOCA), North Adams, MA

•April 9 – 14, 1997, "Gongoozle," Eventworks Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA (installation)

•April 1996, "Audible Evolution," Eventworks, Landsdown Playhouse, Boston, MA


RECORDINGS -  Electronic Music Solo Releases as DJ Flack

2015 Dub Construction 10 tracks, (Bandcamp release)

2007 Strickly Scientifical, full-length digital release (Cozy Music)

2005 House of Cards 12" 4 song EP, (Beat Research Records)

2005 Meet Mr. Doobie/Story of Oh, 12" single (Mashit Records)

2001, Dispenser, full length instrumental hip-hop CD (Bliss Recordings)


RECORDINGS -  Electronic Music Compilations as DJ Flack


2012 "Whatyoumakin", East Coast Bass (Vermin Street records)

2012 "Dance With Me Remix," Sputniq Records (UK release)

2011 "Marshmellow Vanilla Fudge," Santastic 6 compilation

2011 "Insane in the Winter Wonderland," for Santastic 5 compilation

2010 "O Chanuka Dubstep Bassline Remix," for Santastic 4 compilation

2010 "Enemy Beats" Links Soundclash:Dubstep Edition CD
2009 "Nagila What," for Menorah Mashups Compilation

2009 "Disco Skins - Buddy Rex Maxi," Compound 440R local collection CD

2008 "Rock to the Rhythm," 2 track single (Mashit Records)

2008 "Riffin on a Bassline" Compound 440R local compilation

2008 3 tracks on Boston Bounce compilation (Mashit records)

2008 1 track on Gods and Robots mixtape (Mashit Records)

2007 "Hanukkah in Dub" for Santastic 3 compilation

2006 "Dreidl-Bells" single for Santastic 2 compiled by dj BC

2005 "Prague Rock," (XLR8R magazine) compilation CD

2004, "Prague Rock", Bedroom Rockers, (XLR8R/Adidas) companion CD

2004, (((re:sound))) (Mashit/Beat Research Records), 4 tracks on compilation CD

2000, Toneburst Collective II (Bliss Recordings), 2 tracks on compilation CD

2000, Toneburst Collective, (Bliss Recordings), 5 tracks on compilation CD




2012  Carbonated Dub

2010  Step Drop and Roll (premiered on Tasty Cyanide show)

2010  Dubby Sounds for Baby

2009  Dub Sickness (for

2008  DJ Flack in Space (mix for Project MUM Somerville Arts Council)

2007  Beyond the Valley of the Smurfs (for Blogariddims webcast)

2005  Blue Beats for Longing mix

2004, Choose Peace (anti-war) mix

2004, Throw Your Hands mix

2003, Ever Was mix

2003, For What It's Worth mix

2003, Abra ca dub mix

2002, Dub hop holidays mix
1998, Punk-hop mix (Live on WZBC)


RECORDINGS – Musical Scores

2011, Photographic Memory, documentary feature directed by Ross McElwee, Original music by DJ Flack "Zelly's Dub Waltz," produced by Arte, France – premiered at the 2011 Venice Film Festival

2011, Original music composed for Dawn Kramer's "Body of Water," premiered at MassArt's Posen Center.

2010, Created original music for interactive kids game "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" at

2009, For the Love of Movies, documentary feature directed by Gerald Peary featured original music (showed at over 60 film festivals world wide)

2008, Audio for "60.30.1" Julie Mallozi's "Light Graffitti" projections at Harvard University for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2007, Track used in episode 347 of This American Life radio show on National Public Radio (NPR) "Matchmakers,  Act 3: Babies Buying Babies"

Track used in episode 341 of This American Life on NPR 
"How to Talk to Kids, Act Two: Age of Consent"

2006,  Track used in episode 321of This American Life on NPR "Sink or Swim,  Act 3: If this Ark is a Rockin" by Jonathan Goldstein

2003, Touched, documentary feature directed by Laurel Chiten, featuring "Honeymoon Breeze."



RECORDINGS – Spoken Word

2004, DuoTone, "Early Art History (Tribute to H. Bosch)," Earthly Delights exhibition catalogue (CD)

1998, Antony Flackett, On Tour Without A Band, 8 tracks on Boston spoken word compilation CD



2003, Beat Down Sound, All Over But the Shouting (Noon Thirty Records)

1997, Soothing Sounds For Baby, Thunk  (Muss My Hair Records) full length CD release

1993, 7" single, Soothing Sounds For Baby, Pure Imagination (Redd Records)

1987, 7" single, Soothing Sounds For Baby, Going Down to Wendy's (RatMold Records)



2014 "Ten years of Beat Research", Together Festival, Boston, MA

2010 Visiting Artist, Watertown Highschool (Art and Music Departments) Watertown, MA

2010 "The history of Video Music," Together Festival, Boston MA

2007 "The Art of mixing, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
2005 "Visiting Artist", Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, MA 

2001 "Visiting Artist", Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
"Visiting Artist," Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, MA


2002 (December 18) Video Balagan Anniversary Show, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline

2002 (April 12) NEMO conference, new technology and performance, Boston, MA

1999 (January 17) "Two Inventions and a Law: The Explosion of Access" DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

1998 (October 13) "The History of Video Art in Boston - Part 3" DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA




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M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 1995

Studio for Interrelated Media 
Specializing in video


B.A., Bard College, 1992

Film and Video Street Magic Theater Award for excellence in video editing