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DJ Flack (aka Antony Flackett) is a DJ, producer and video/multimedia artist living in the Boston area. He has released music on the labels Mashit, Bliss, and Beat Research His 2007 full length album "Strictly Scientifical" (Cozy Music) can be found on iTunes, emusic, Amazon , Spotify etc. His newest album Dub Construction is free on Bandcamp, and his newest music is on his soundcloud page.

He is in the live electronic duo The Sublings w/ DJ Pace. He was a member of the illustrious TONEBURST collective and has performed with Jake Trussell (aka DJ C) under the name DUOTONE

Flack and C were featured in This Documentary on DJ culture produced at MIT

Flack was one third of the experimental punk/pop band called SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR BABY who rocked the underground from 1984-1998! He was also a member of the great but short lived band C-Side Motif in the early 90s

Antony's latest art CV